5 Biggest Fears, why homes don't sell

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5 Biggest Fears, why homes don't sell

Discover the top 5 reasons why homes don't sell and what you need to know for a successful home sale🏡💰.

One of the biggest fears all sellers have is that the property may not sell. In my experience, there is always a reason why a property struggles to sell quickly or at the price the owners want.  

Here are the five top mistakes I see sellers make that can result in a property not selling or being on the market longer than desired – and how to avoid them. Rest assured, I won't let you make these mistakes!

1. Price is based on what the owner wants, not the market

One of the mistakes many homeowners make is to assume they'll get the price they want regardless of whether it's a realistic expectation in the current market. To avoid this, base your pricing strategy on other properties similar to yours in the neighborhood that have sold recently. As your agent, I'll give you regular updates on recent sales and help you understand an accurate valuation of your property. 

2. Sellers often don't know the competition they're up against

Nobody sells their property in isolation. Your home is in competition with every other property for sale at the same time. So, hire the right agent to ensure your pricing, presentation, and marketing are ahead of the rest because we want you to stand out to buyers. Find out how properties similar to yours are presenting and their price expectation. I can help organize some inspections so you can see this for yourself. 

3. Sellers think the property will sell itself

Surely everyone can see what a gem your property really is underneath all the clutter, unwashed dishes, unfinished renovations and layers of dust? Actually, no. And they certainly won't pay top dollar for it. Regardless of where you are located or what else is selling around you, buyers are put off by poorly presented properties, seeing them as risky money-pits. Clean and declutter, get repairs done and consider staging your home. 

4. Sellers underestimate the importance of marketing

You can't sell a secret. As your agent, I'll recommend a great marketing strategy to get your property in front of the right types of buyers. But, it may require an investment of time and engagement on your part. For your own peace of mind, check the photos and ensure every piece of marketing is selling your home to its best advantage.  

5. They think the first offer is a sign of more to come

Often, motivated buyers will move on properties that are new to the market and make very good offers. New sellers, however, assume that because they've received a fast and strong offer, they shouldn't accept it but hold out for more. If the offer is what you wanted, let's make the deal. 

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